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Audio & Video

Audio/Video Equipment and Installations

Today’s audio video technology is changing so rapidly, that the choices have become mind boggling! At Cornelius Electrical Contractors, our approach is to provide you with the best wiring for the systems that you currently own, and to make sure that your home is prepared for your next upgrade. Providing you with the best installation you can afford will allow you to not just see and hear movies, but to truly experience them. Cornelius Electrical Contractors rely on great equipment and an understanding of the way our customers want to use their equipment to install great looking, great sounding, intuitive systems that can be enjoyed with ease.

Building or remodeling a home is the best time to wire your home for any future audio or visual needs. Cornelius Electrical Contractors can pre-wire your home for home theater/surround sound systems, that add realism to your movie watching experience.


Sound is 50% of the movie viewing experience. Cornelius Electrical Contractions can optimize the sound throughout your home while keeping all the wires strategically hidden. Whole house audio systems allow you to access any of your audio sources, including iPods, MP3, or CDs and selectively distribute the sounds throughout your home, including your patio, garage or pool area.


In addition to home theatre systems, we can wire your home for flat-panel TVs with no visible wires. Flat panel TVs can be mounted almost anywhere, with connections for DVDs, gaming consoles and other auxiliary boxes hidden in the wall.

Universal Remote Controls

g.ii. Universal remote controls are devices that are customized for end users to simplify complex tasks and automate the execution of these tasks. These tasks can be as simple as watching your favorite TV show on one set or as complex as controlling an array of devices to create the ultimate sight and sound experience. Programming a universal remote can be a fairly complex procedure. Cornelius Electrical Contractors can simplify your life by programming your universal remotes so that they are easy to operate by all members of your household.

Automation & Home Control

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can let you control almost any electronic product in your home through a remote control, Smartphone or computer.

In-home automation systems allow you to control many electronic devices remotely, through a remote control device, a computer or even a Smartphone. Buildings equipped and operating with these automation systems are often called “Smart Homes”.


Home automation may include lighting, HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), appliances and audio/visual equipment, allowing improved convenience, comfort, energy efficiency and security at the touch of a finger. Home automation for the elderly and disabled can provide increased quality of life for persons who might otherwise require caregivers or institutional care. Cornelius Electrical Contractors will evaluate your system requirements and activities and provide you with simple and intuitive automation which integrates with your entire complex wiring systems. Energy reduction is another key benefit.

Lighting Control

Automated lighting systems are about much more than just turning the lights on or off. Modern automated systems can be programmed to create scenes, which allow you to control the lighting for specific situations. You can create a scene that sets the lighting for family movie night. Or another program that sets the scene for a quiet night without the children. You can program lights to keep halls and bathrooms dimly lit for nighttime visits.

Motorized Shades and Drapes

Motorized shades, drapes, blinds and other window coverings can be controlled by remote control or set to operate at a specific time of day or even depending on the brightness of the sun coming into your home. They are great for living areas, bedrooms and home theatre settings.

Remote Control

In addition to having your home “control itself” through preset schedules and programs, you can also control many of the aspect s of a Smart Home through remote control devices. These can be hand held devices, much like a universal remote for your television. Or, you can control items remotely, through your computer or smart phone device.

Some of the items that can be controlled with home automation include:

Household items:

  • Gates
  • Garage Doors
  • Door Locks
  • Lights
  • Dishwashers and other major appliances
  • Thermostats
  • Alarm Clocks
  • Water Controls
  • Pool Covers
  • Fireplaces

Audio and video equipment:

  • Receivers
  • Speakers
  • VCRs
  • CD Players
  • DVD
  • TVs
  • Radios
  • Cable Devices
  • Surround Sound Systems


  • Baby Monitors
  • Video Cameras
  • Surveillance Monitors
  • Intercoms


  • Answering machines
  • Fax Machines
  • Cell Phones


  • PCs
  • Macs
  • Laptops
  • Modems
  • Printers
Electrical Panel Replacement

Cornelius Electric’s licensed and certified electricians provide a range of professional services required and necessary for an electrical panel’s optimum performance.

What is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel – also referred to as a circuit breaker, service entrance panel, fuse box, main breaker, or fuse panel – is the heart of your home’s electrical system. Much like the jets and pumps in a lazy river keep water flowing along the intricacies of the pool system, circuits and wires keep the electricity flowing throughout your home, and the system is anything but lazy. Electrical panels receive and control the distribution of the electricity flow to each circuit branching out through the house, and it is crucial that they be working properly to ensure that the rest of the electrical system can function. If there is a problem with the fuse box, there will most certainly be issues with the electricity in the entire household. To intercept and hopefully avoid any such problems, it is recommended that homeowners regularly schedule maintenance with a Certified Electrician.

Electrical Panel Services

Cornelius Electric’s licensed and certified electricians provide a range of professional services required and necessary for an electrical panel’s optimum performance:

  • Changes – When your electrical panel has any issues or safety hazards.
  • New Installations – When you need to install a new electrical system in your home or in a new house.
  • Upgrades – When your home has an old or outdated electrical panel.
  • Replacements – When the electrical panel needs to be completely replaced.

Potentially Hazardous Electrical Panel Manufacturers

Sometimes electrical panels need to be replaced. There are panels made by certain manufacturers that tend to need replacing at a higher rate than others. These panel manufacturers include: Zinsco, Kearney, Federal Pacific Electric, Sylvania, ITE Pushmatic and GTE.

Zinsco, GTE, ITE Pushmatic, and Zinsco-Sylvania electrical panel brands have a high risk of fire and shock hazards due to faulty clip-to-buss connections. When the buss connections overheat, they cause the circuit breaker to overheat, rendering it unable to function normally and creates a safety hazard.

Federal Pacific Electric company (FPE) electrical panels are replaced more often than any other brand, due to the company distributing millions of improperly tested panels from the 1950s to the 1980s. These panels did not meet the required safety standards, and through the years have been found to malfunction at a much higher rate than standard panels, causing overheating and fire hazards. To avoid potential disaster, it is recommended that anyone who still has any of these electrical panels installed in their homes get them replaced with a newer panel that has been tested accurately and proven to trip when required.

Panel manufacturers that are typically reliable include:
Square D, Cutler Hammer, Murray, ITE, Siemens, GE General Electric, and Eaton.

Replacing an Electrical Panel

If you find that the electrical panel in your home was manufactured by any of the above companies that produced unreliable panels, you will want to seriously consider replacing it. With Cornelius Electric, it takes an average of one day to complete an electrical panel replacement, with an average time of anywhere from four to sixteen hours, depending on the amount of work required. A permit from the local building department is required prior to a panel replacement, and an inspection from the same is required after installation. In residences, electrical work, including and especially panel replacement, must be done by a licensed Electrical Contractor. In certain cases, a home’s electrical utility provider may need to be involved in the panel replacement. The Electrical Contractor doing said replacement will arrange any other parties needing to be involved. It is Cornelius Electric’s goal to maintain integrity and efficiency every step of the way during a project, from labor, to communication, and cost.

Service Costs for Panel Replacement

With Cornelius Electric, the average cost of a residential electrical panel replacement ranges from $350 to $1500. The wide range in price is determined by many variables, including: size of the main breaker, how many circuits, location of the panel, condition of existing wires, and the age of the electrical system. “Hidden” costs include variables that are not able to be precalculated, such as: permit fees, utility fees, electrical issues discovered during the replacement, or the occurrence of damage/error due to previous electrical work performed by an unqualified technician. It is not recommended that an unqualified person do any electrical work on a residential electrical system as that could create a potentially dangerous situation. In such an event, the reparations necessary could be more costly than hiring a certified technician in the first place.

Main Overcurrent Device and Grounding

It is very important that main breakers be maintained by a Certified Electrician to be certain that they are working properly. If there is a power surge or malfunction in the electrical system, it will go through the main breaker first, and thus affect each individual circuit. To protect the main, a Main Overcurrent Device is installed in the main breaker, which is also known as a distribution panel, to turn off all electricity in the house in such an event. Also in place to protect the distribution panel -and by extension, the entire house- from surges and malfunctions, homes have service and grounding equipment, which provide essential grounding. Grounding, or ‘electrical grounding’ is an important safety measure that prevents accidental electrocution, while helping surge protectors function more efficiently. Another component to your home’s overall electrical system is the electricity meter.

Electricity Meter

An electricity meter, also known as an electric meter or energy meter, is a device that measures the amount of electricity that a home consumes. Typically this meter is on the side of the house, but in many cases can be located by the front sidewalk for easiest access to readings by the electrical utility provider. As these meters are an important part of the electrical system, they require maintenance and upkeep, and may at some point need to be changed, replaced, or upgraded as well. Fees for any of these services regarding a residential meter, including installation of a new meter, are the same as the average costs for service on a residential electrical panel.

General Electrical & Power Distribution

Cornelius Electrical Contractors Can Meet all of your General Electrical and Power Distribution Needs.


For Cornelius Electric, lighting is all about living-space utilization and aesthetics. Proper lighting not only illuminates the particular area and certain work spaces, it also accents the architecture and highlights the design. As certified lighting specialists, Cornelius Electric has the ability to install your lighting needs as well as design the layouts to add a final touch to beautify your home.

Panels and Meters

The electrical service panel is the heart of a building’s electrical system, bringing power in from the utility service and delivering it to the various circuits throughout a building.  Installation, repair and electrical upgrades which require service panel changes should always be performed by a qualified electrician.

Receptacles and Switches

Receptacles, or electrical outlets, are used to provide individual plug in points for electric equipment.  Houses most frequently use 125-volt, 15 and 20-amp receptacles for general household equipment.  Large appliances may require 250-volt, 30-amp outlets.

Fans and Vents

Today’s homes are built airtight for efficiency. However, that means that moisture and airborne pollutants stay where they are unless they are vented away.  Eliminating excess moisture keeps your home dry and comfortable and can help avoid mold and mildew.  Volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) are emitted from construction materials such as plywood, carpet, fabric, paint, adhesive, insulation and other common items.  Allergens, dust, cooking vapor and what the kids bring home from school are more reason why good ventilation is critical.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

To ensure safety to your home, Cornelius Electric introduces a mandatory safety feature: Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. These detectors not only can save your home and belongings, but also your family, pets, and anything dear that resides in your home.

Appliances and Equipment

The health and efficiency of modern appliances and equipment depends on proper wiring.  Cornelius Electric can help your equipment remain running during power surges and failures as well as providing you remote and automated control to these devices.

Solar Power

With concern for the environment on the rise, more and more people are making the choice to include solar power in their home or building project.  Cornelius Electrical Contractors can integrate a solar power system into your home to reduce or eliminate your dependence on the electric company.

Electric Vehicles

Hybrid electric vehicles (HEV’s), plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV’s), and all – electric vehicles (EV’s) – also called electric drive vehicles collectively – use electricity either as their primary fuel or to improve the efficiency of conventional vehicle designs.  These vehicles are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source.

Lighting Design & Control Lighting Design & Control

Cornelius Electrical Contractors’ knowledge of lighting design and controls helps to create efficient, effective and beautiful rooms.

Lighting Design

Good lighting design is an art. Proper placement of lighting changes the look and feel of a space, highlighting architecture or art, bringing out textures and colors and creating ambiance.


Light location, direction and brightness, in regard to work areas, can all contribute to good visibility and less eye strain. Proper lighting reduces glare and relieves our eyes to concentrate on the task at hand and to enjoy the situation without distraction.

Lighting Controls

Transforming a space from one activity or mood to another is simplified with proper lighting controls placed in the right locations for your needs.

Switches and Dimmers

Switches are used to control the electrical devices in a building and have different amperage ratings depending on the load requirements. The proper selection of single pole, three-way, four-way, dimmer, and motion-sensing switches allow you to control the level of electricity delivered to an outlet or fixture and the ability to manipulate these fixtures from various locations within a building.

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor electricity has four key objectives: security, safety, convenience and aesthetics. Cornelius Electrical Contractors will fulfill these objectives completely. What separates Cornelius Electrical Contractors is our commitment to serviceable, expandable, and scalable systems. In Florida, outdoor systems are exposed to some of the harshest environments. Designing and installing robust equipment, and using installation best practices reduces system failures and high maintenance costs.

Security Lighting

Security lighting is one of the most practical and effective ways to prevent crime in or around your home or commercial building. Statistics show that crimes are less likely to occur where lighting exposes dark spots and shadows.

Motorized Shades and Drapes

Motorized shades, drapes, blinds and other window coverings can be controlled by remote control or set to operate at a specific time of day or even depending on the brightness of the sun coming into your home. They are great for living areas, bedrooms and home theatre settings.

Networking & Structured Wiring

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can wire your home so that everything works together more cohesively.

n the past, the network of wires within a building typically consisted of two different systems: telephone and electrical wires. Today, structured wiring networks can control and combine any number of systems including communication, entertainment, security and appliances, allowing these systems to work together to create a more hi-tech, efficient dwelling or business environment.

New construction and building remodels offer the perfect opportunity to have a home wired for today’s modern conveniences and in preparation for upcoming technological advances.

Structured Wiring

Structured wiring typically begins at a distribution panel. This panel is the center that controls cable, phone, security, audio/video and other systems all from one location and distributes these services throughout your structure.

These wires then travel through your home on a network of wires and cables, including Cat5e/Cat6/RG6 cables, that can deliver performance you need today and in the future.

Structure wiring systems allow you to conveniently access subscription based services such as cable and internet, anywhere you need them, or to control appliances through home automation systems remotely or even via the internet.

Network Wiring

What is it that allows all of these electronics to work together? Computers, of course. And it’s not just the PC or Macs that you utilize for many family functions. Many high-end appliances and electronic equipment now have computers of their own. The key to getting the information to and from all of the equipment in your home is the network. Network wiring allows you to connect all of these computers with each other and with your broadband or other internet service provider. It is particularly useful in businesses or large buildings that will be utilizing many computers throughout the facility.

Security & Surveillance

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can help keep your family and property safe.

Many people who wouldn’t dream of going without property or car insurance often overlook a more immediate form of personal insurance – home security systems. Home security systems can alert property owners as well as emergency response teams to intruders, fire or other dangerous situations affecting your property.

Cornelius Electrical contractors can provide security solutions that range from simple security lighting to automated intrusion alarms that can notify you and the authorities the moment an event is detected.

Security systems have three main goals: detection, emergency response, and prevention. Sensors placed throughout your home detect and react to intrusions or other events, such as smoke or flooding. A security system will alert the residence of the building as well as call for help, if appropriate. Systems can also prevent events by turning on lights or sounding an alarm.

Security Lights

Security lights are one of the most obvious, but also most practical and effective ways to protect your property. Statistics show that crimes are less likely to occur on well lighted properties. Security lighting eliminates dark areas that would allow criminals to go unseen. Homeowners, on the other hand will benefit from the ease of mind provided by systems that detect and respond to movement. Correct placement and positioning of security lighting is important to allow the property owner to see the potential criminals without glare or reflection from mis-positioned lights.

Cornelius Electric also installs Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors. These detectors not only can save your home and belongings, but also your family, pets, and anything dear that resides in your home.


Surveillance cameras are another way to protect what is dear to you. From verifying the safety of your children to recording the identity of a burglar for the authorities, the piece of mind is priceless. Security cameras near doors or entry ways can alert you to visitors. Or, they can be placed in children’s or elderly parents rooms for ease of mind.

Uses for surveillance cameras in yourhome or building:

  • Business Surveillance – Theft Prevention
  • Door Entrance Monitoring
  • Video Intercoms
  • Baby/Child Monitoring
  • Monitoring Backyard Pool
  • Keeping Watch Over a Bedridden Loved One
  • Keeping and Eye on Pets
Standby Power & UPS

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can provide both short term, and long term uninterrupted power solutions.

If you have lived in Florida for any period of time, you have probably experienced one or more power outages. Not only is Central Florida considered the lightning capital of the nation, but the high winds of our hurricane system often cause power interruptions within our buildings.

Backup power systems are used to keep electrical systems running during a power utility interruption. From individual equipment devices to full building and property backup power systems, Cornelius Electrical Contractors will be able to evaluate your specific power needs and deliver the appropriate solution.

Two of the most popular types of backup power supply systems are Generators and UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply).


A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electricity. They generally require fuel, such as natural gas, LP gas or diesel fuel, to operate. They are installed outside the home and are wired through an automatic transfer switch to the main electrical panel. During a power outage, generators automatically kick in and restore power to a building in about 20 seconds and continue to run until power is restored. Cornelius Electrical Contractors can install a system large enough to power your whole house (including your air conditioning) or a smaller model to just power necessities such as a refrigerator, lights and emergency band radios. These large backup power systems can provide a feeling of safety, security and well-being during stressful acts of nature. Properly installed whole house generators are also much safer than the solutions provided by gasoline powered generators and extensions cords.


An uninterruptible power supply, also uninterruptible power source, stores power in batteries. Any equipment plugged into an UPS runs from the power provided by the batteries. Therefore, an interruption to a building’s electricity will not cause a power outage to the equipment plugged into an UPS for the duration of the power that the batteries supply.

The on-battery runtime of an UPS system is limited to the amount of battery storage. Therefore, they are generally used to protect computers, data centers, telecommunication equipment or other electrical equipment from unexpected power outages rather than providing continued power to larger electronic equipment.

Surge & Lightning Protection

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can help keep your electricity running and your electronic equipment protected through power surges and lightning storms.

A power “surge” is a high voltage current which can enter a home through the building’s incoming electrical, cable, telephone and satellite wiring. These surges can damage electronic equipment and appliances, sometimes making the equipment unusable. Many times, damage from power surges is NOT covered in a product’s warranty.

Lighting is one of the primary causes of power surges. And although Central Florida has been called the lightning capital of the nation, power surges can also be caused by other things such as tree limbs hitting power lines, faulty wiring, or problems with the utility company’s equipment. Cornelius Electrical Contractors can provide both surge protection and lighting protection to meet your needs.

The terms surge protection and lightning protection are sometimes confused with each other.

Surge Protection

Surge protection, or transient voltage surge suppression (TVSS), utilizes an electro-mechanical device to redirect improper electrical surges which come through electric or phone lines. These surges can cause costly damage to electronic equipment. To provide adequate surge protection, it is important to understand what you are protecting and how a transient surge can affect that equipment. Only then can TVSS equipment be specified for an application so that complete surge protection is achieved.

Lightning Protection

Lightning protection is designed to give lighting strikes a safe path to the ground instead of through your building or structure. This will greatly reduce or eliminate any possible damage a lighting a strike can cause.

Keep in mind that TVSS and lightning protection are not 100% effective by themselves. These systems should be looked at as complementing each other, and reducing the potential for personal equipment and property damage associated with surges and lightning.

Whether you want a system that projects specific delicate electronics or a larger system that protects all of your home’s major appliances and electronics, Cornelius Electrical Contractors can help.

Of course, lightning can do much more than just send ‘surges’ of power through your lines. In the event of a total power outage, a standby power system can keep selected equipment or your whole home operating smoothly.

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