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No one knows better than a homeowner how difficult, exhausting, and time-consuming it can be to design, construct, restore, or renovate the necessary or desired changes to a home – except Cornelius Electrical.

Putting a light on a situation is our specialty. Cornelius Electrical Contractors Inc. caters to the most discerning tastes as well as the environmentally-conscious consumer and provides inclusive products, service, and management carefully suited to match each of our clients’ distinctly individual needs.

Our specialists can assist you in the planning and design of any new or existing project so that you know you have the best-laid and most efficient electrical power for your home or facility. We consult with architects and electrical engineers to provide the highest quality of service to our customers. Exquisite form and technologically advanced functions give our projects and your home or facility the distinction they deserve.

No project is too big or small. We take care of our clients from start to finish, from design to installation and continued maintenance.

Cornelius Electrical Contractors

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