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When installing a spa heater for a pool, it is crucial to approach the task with professionalism and thoroughness. First and foremost, one must assess the pool’s specific needs and size.  This will determine the appropriate heater model with the optimum heating capacity. It is recommended to consult with experienced professionals. Conduct extensive research to select a reputable and reliable brand known for its durability and efficiency.

The installation process requires technical expertise. Factors such as electrical requirements, plumbing connections, safety measures, and compliance with local regulations. Professional installation ensures that all aspects are properly handled; from positioning the heater in an optimal location for efficient water circulation to conducting pressure tests and verifying proper functioning. Following these steps diligently will result in a successful spa heater installation that enhances the overall swimming experience by providing comfortable and consistently warm temperatures while adhering to best practices and industry standards.

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Actual example of our work

We recently completed a spa heater install that has garnered a remarkable 5-star Google review from Linda in Melbourne, FL.

Reason for call: Needed electric to run to Spa heater from existing panel.

Our Solution:

  1. Re-feed electricity to the existing pool panel on the outside of the home with a new 100-amp copper feed protected in new PVC conduit, from the electric panel in the garage.
  2. Install 40-amp whips to pool heater from existing pool panel with 40-amp SQD HO breakers.
  3. Re-connect existing equipotential wire to pool heater bond lug.

Review: “Justin and Jacob came to install a new line from electric box to new spa heater. They were very polite and professional. They did the job with no fuss or mess and I’m very happy to have hired Cornelius Electrical and would not hesitate to hire them again.” – Linda Asquith

Some pictures from the job site

Pool heaters are connected directly to your home’s electrical box and typically necessitate a dedicated circuit due to their high electricity consumption. To power the pool area and facilitate the operation of your spa heater, a sub-panel is commonly installed, branching off from the main breaker box in your home.

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