Our Electricians

Our Florida State Certified Electricians can install, upgrade, service, and maintain all electrical facets and features in your home or business. We work outdoors and indoors, in just about every type of facility.

Our electricians provide a full range of services and respond to service calls regarding isolated repairs and upgrades as well as preventative maintenance. They pride themselves in their ability to troubleshoot electrical wiring problems, install wiring in existing buildings, and make timely repairs and upgrades. Our construction electricians mainly focus on large-scale projects, such as installing new electrical systems for an entire facility or upgrading an entire floor of an office building.

All of our electricians are trained in the five primary categories of specialties: commercial, residential, industrial, light industrial, and VDV (Voice-Data-Video, or low-voltage wiring). Our Master Electricians have passed an exam to demonstrate advanced knowledge of the National Electrical Code (NEC) and spent thousands of hours performing and perfecting their trade.

Leave it to the professionals. Our electricians are trained to assess the safety of a situation and take any necessary measures to minimize the risk of injury. We also require that our electricians wear protective gear that provides electrical insulation and guards from mechanical impact.

At Cornelius Electrical Contractors, we simply provide the best service by the best electricians on Florida’s east coast. And if you have any questions, give us a call – we are here to help!


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