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Are you looking for new or replacing your current outdoor landscape lighting? Call Cornelius Electrical Contractors today.


Aesthetics, durability, and security are primary reasons to have a professional install your landscape and garden lighting. The landscape lighting design, techniques, and paraphernalia of outdoor homes and businesses have been advancing.

The increasing use of energy-saving lighting designs by using low voltage lights, LEDs, fiber optic, solar, and other energy-efficient lamps, are some examples of improvements in outdoor lighting. We can design your outdoor lighting to reflect your home’s most attractive features while saving you weeks of research.

Besides giving you and your guests a beautiful place to sit and relax in the evening, Cornelius Electrical Contractors, can design your system for security as well as lighting. Walkways and doorways need special consideration. However, you do not want it to detract from the beauty of the landscape while providing security lights. The proper balance and control between lighting that pleases the eye and security is key.

Landscape lighting installed by our professionals is more likely to survive floods and other weather events. We can install automatic, dusk-to-dawn, dimmer, and regular switches. We’ve been lighting specialists including outdoor landscape lighting since 2005.