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Home Lighting

Are you renovating a kitchen or bathroom? Cornelius Electrical Contractors specializes in lighting your renovations.

Why do we want to Control the Lighting?

  • To see when its Dark
  • Enhance Décor
  • Create Mood
  • Ensure Safety and Security

Customer Lighting Problems

  • Not Enough
  • Glare
  • Unattractive Fixtures
  • Placement

Five Basic Lighting Effects

  • Ambient
  • Task
  • Accent
  • Wall
  • DecorativeColor Rendering

Most rooms benefit from a Combination of Effects, not just one.

How do we see light

  • We do not see light directly, except when looking at the source.
  • We do see light reflected off of surfaces and objects
  • We see objects when light reflects off of them
  • Brightness is how much light is emitted or reflected by an object or surface

Home Lighting for renovationsSources of Light

  • Incandescent: Tungsten filament in argon or krypton gas with a little nitrogen.
  • Halogen/Xenon: Tungsten filament in Halogen or Xenon gas. 10%-20% more efficient than incandescent.
  • LED: (Light Emitting Diode) Circuit Board
  • Fluorescent: An electric arc excites the gas in a tube, Mercury in the gas emits Radiation, causing the phosphor coating of the lamp to glow.