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Leviton & LiteTouch lighting control systems – Replace with Lutron

Leviton lighting control system and LiteTouch lighting control system are obsolete or soon to be obsolete. Replacement parts are no longer readily available for LiteTouch control systems. We recently replaced some of these systems in the Vero Beach and Melbourne Florida areas. If you have a need to replace old lighting systems due to lightning damage or age there is no better replacement than Lutron. The average lifespan of the obsolete Leviton and LiteTouch lighting control systems is between 7 and 10 years. You do not want to find yourself suddenly in the dark with no easy fix.

Increase savings with Lutron Smart Lighting

Lighting control systems are used to increase savings from the lighting system, meet building codes, or adhere to green building and energy conservation programs. For that reason, lighting control systems are found under the term Smart Lighting. We install indoor and outdoor lighting of residential homes as well as commercial, and industrial facilities.

Take control using your smartphone and more

The advantages of Smart Lighting is convenience and energy savings. There are many ways to control your home or business. Examples are Smartphones, Alexa, Echo Dot, Sonos, Apple Home Kit, Google Assistant, etc. Lutron is your best choice for various products that control lights and Lutron motorized shades.

Common mistakes

With these advanced lighting control systems, things can get complex. The number of lights you want to control and the various products available can be confusing. We recommend a consultation with Cornelius Electrical. This will ensure you get the right Lutron system for your needs. You can learn more about these systems at this web link. Lutron works with more smart home devices than any other smart lighting control brand.

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