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We were called out to another job that resulted in a 5 star review. Here are the details:

Electrical issue from the caller: Garage outlets, some outside outlets not working after pool company had temporary pool pump plugged into exterior receptacle.

Found breaker in sub panel tripped. Re-set breaker, power was restored to all receptacles.

That’s not where the story ends. We found the existing GFCI in the garage was wired wrong. We re-terminated GFCI properly, replaced (1) WP receptacle and (1) in-use cover, and installed (1) interior cover plate on (1) garage receptacle.

Nuances of Electrical Problems

Electrical issues can be like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma – intriguing yet potentially shocking. Exploring the twists and turns of these problems can reveal a world of complexity that goes beyond just flipping a switch.

Myth: “All Issues Are Easy to Fix”

Ah, the infamous myth that electrical problems are a walk in the park. While changing a light bulb may seem like a breeze, delving deeper into the realm of wiring and circuits can quickly turn into a hair-raising adventure. Not all electrical issues can be fixed with a quick DIY solution.

Attempting DIY electrical repairs without proper knowledge and experience is like playing with fire – quite literally. From the risk of electric shocks to potential fire hazards, the dangers of amateur electrical work lurk in the shadows, waiting to spark trouble.

When it comes to electrical safety, leave it to the pros. Regular electrical inspections by experts can shed light on hidden issues, prevent potential disasters, and ensure your home’s electrical system is in top-notch condition. Remember, when it doubt, call the experts out!

Recognizing Red Flags in Electrical Systems

Picture this: flickering lights, outlets on the fritz, and appliances acting possessed. These are the signs that something fishy is going on with your electrical system. Don’t ignore these red flags; they’re like the warning signs your car makes before it breaks down on the highway. Pay attention, or you might find yourself in the dark – literally!

So you’ve been putting off fixing that wonky outlet for months now. What could go wrong, right? Wrong! Ignoring electrical issues is like playing Russian roulette with your home. From fires to electric shocks, the consequences of neglecting electrical maintenance can be shocking – pun intended. Don’t let laziness be the spark that sets your house ablaze.

Simple wiring issues that may have a deeper cause requiring a professional electrician include:

  1. Aluminum Wiring: Aluminum wiring, though still acceptable, can lead to issues due to its tendency to expand and contract under heat. If the wiring is compromised, it could lead to potential hazards that need professional attention.
  2. Unprotected Wiring: Exposed wiring, especially if it is not properly protected by a sleeve or behind sheetrock, poses a significant safety risk. This is not up to code and could lead to dangerous situations.
  3. Faulty Connections: Poorly executed connections, such as live wires left exposed or improperly connected to switches or outlets, can lead to electric shocks or fires. This is a clear indication of substandard work that needs professional correction.
  4. Rodent Damage: Rodents like Glis Glis can chew through electrical cables, leading to unexpected circuit breaker trips and potential fire hazards. This is a situation where a professional should assess the damage and repair or replace the affected wiring.
  5. Overloaded Circuits: Repeatedly tripping breakers when using certain appliances may indicate an overloaded circuit. This can lead to overheating and potential fire hazards. A professional electrician can assess the situation and recommend solutions such as upgrading the circuit or adding a new line.