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Home Security

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can help keep your family and property safe with home security features.

Home security systems have three main goals: prevention, detection, and emergency response. Sensors placed throughout your home prevent, detect, and react to intrusions or other events by turning on lights, sounding an alarm, video-recording events, or summoning emergency responders. They can alert property owners as well as emergency response teams to intruders, fires, or other dangerous situations affecting your property.

Cornelius Electrical Contractors can provide security solutions that range from simple security lighting to automated intrusion alarms that notify you and the authorities the moment an event is detected. We also install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, which can save your family, your pets, and your home and belongings.

Security Lights

Security lights are one of the most practical and effective ways to protect your property; statistics show crimes are less likely to occur on well-lighted properties, and security lighting eliminates dark areas that would allow criminals to go unseen and can also detect and respond to movement. Correct placement and positioning of security lighting is important to allow the property owner to see potential intruders without glare or reflection from poorly positioned lights.


Surveillance cameras are another way to protect what is dear to you. Cameras can help you monitor the safety of your children and pets, and can also record the identity of a burglar for the authorities. Security cameras near doors or entryways can alert and allow you to identify visitors.

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Home Security