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Why You Should Check Your Electrical Panels

If your home is on the older side, your electrical panels might be too. Hurricanes and significant rain event can damage your electric panels. Electrical panels are super important because they distribute electricity throughout your home. They have safety devices like fuses or circuit breakers that help prevent fires from happening. But in Florida, a lot of homes have old panels that might not work as well as they should, putting you at risk for a fire.

Types of Unsafe Panels

Split Busbar Distribution Board

Modern circuit breakers have metal busbars that send power to the switches in your panel. With a split busbar panel, there are two buses and no big breaks. This can be dangerous because these panels are really old and might not work properly anymore. To check if you have one, look for two groups of switches inside your panel.

Zinsco or GTE-Sylvania Panels

These panels were popular in the 1970s but are not safe anymore. They have circuit breakers that can’t trip, which can lead to a fire if there’s a problem. If you see the Zinsco name on your panel, it’s time to replace it.

Fuse Boxes

Fuse boxes use fuses instead of circuit breakers to protect your wires. While fuses aren’t dangerous, many old fuse boxes have been modified in ways that make them unsafe. If you have a fuse box, it’s a good idea to have an electrician check it out.

Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Panels

FPE panels are found in many homes across the US, but they’re not safe. The circuit breakers in these panels don’t always work properly, which can lead to fires. If your home was built between 1950 and 1980, you might have an FPE panel. Look for the name Stab-Loc inside your panel to check.

What to Do If You Have an Unsafe Panel

If you have any of these dangerous panels, it’s best to replace them. At the very least, have an electrician inspect your panel to make sure everything is okay. Give Cornelius Electrical Contractors a call at 321-529-1115 for help!