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Cornelius Electrical Contractors can inspect and replace your electrical panels. Just give us a call at 321-529-1115. Hurricane-force winds can knock down power lines. Some of these wires may be live. If you see a downed wire, DO NOT TOUCH OR USE IT, as it can shock and even kill you. Notify the local police or fire department. We can work on underground power lines to prevent these problems in the future.

Heavy rain during a hurricane can cause flooding, which can lead to structural damage, mold, and free asbestos or lead. Broken glass, splintered wood, exposed nails, and water-damaged electrical equipment can cause electric shock, cuts, and other injuries. After a flood, you should: Check your home for loose electrical wires, gas leaks, foundation cracks, or other damage. To avoid electric shock, turn off the power before entering your home.

Hurricanes can be devastating and even unexpected. Fortunately, homeowners can take a few steps to stay safe and mitigate serious electrical problems.

Safety Tips for Portable Generators

  • Check the manufacturer’s safety warnings first.
  • Run the generator as far from your home or business as possible as carbon monoxide can enter from outside.
  • Only select individual devices directly, not your entire home or business.

Exposed power lines and utility poles have been damaged when hurricanes make landfall. Hurricanes pose a serious threat to these structures. High winds alone can knock down power poles, resulting in a loss of power. Trees are also susceptible to hurricane force winds. Branches can break and trees with shallow roots can easily be uprooted and felled by power lines and poles if the wind hasn’t already done so.

In-use surge protectors can protect consumer electronics from voltage surges; However, not all splash guards are created equal. Power cords are often confused with plug protectors, but they don’t protect against surges, they just add an extra plug. Each surge protector absorbs a certain amount of joules, and once the surge protector has absorbed that many joules, it no longer provides surge protection. Some plug protectors have an LED indicator to let you know when the protection is off, but many do not. Homeowners should periodically replace the surge protectors that protect valuable electronics to reduce the risk of damage from voltage spikes.

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