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The primary task was to rewire a kitchen island: Cornelius Electrical Contractors’ Work for Brandon in Palm Bay, Florida.

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In the heart of Palm Bay, Florida, Brandon sought to address electrical concerns within his home. Aware of the risks posed by exposed Romex wiring on his kitchen island, as well as the need for efficient upgrades, he turned to Cornelius Electrical Contractors for their expertise. The comprehensive scope of work undertaken by the experienced team aimed not only to enhance safety but also to optimize the functionality of Brandon’s household.

The primary task was to rewire the kitchen island using surface mount MC cable, replacing the exposed Romex wiring. This measure not only adheres to safety standards but also ensures a neat and aesthetically pleasing installation. Cornelius Electrical Contractors meticulously executed this task, prioritizing safety and efficiency throughout the process.

Additionally, the team furnished and installed two surface mount & rewire boxes with a new GFCI receptacle under the sink, specifically for the disposal unit. This upgrade not only facilitates easy access but also ensures compliance with safety regulations, mitigating the risk of electrical hazards in a commonly used area of the kitchen.

Another essential aspect of the project involved installing a new 1G metal box for the existing disposal switch, further enhancing control and accessibility within the kitchen environment. The rewiring of the junction box/receptacle for the dishwasher was also undertaken, ensuring optimal functionality and safety for this vital kitchen appliance.

Furthermore, recognizing the importance of energy-efficient solutions, Cornelius Electrical Contractors installed a new 240V 70A circuit to the existing tankless water heater. This involved providing a 70A rated disconnect and an MC whip to the unit, facilitating reliable power distribution while minimizing energy consumption.

In addition to these significant rewire upgrades, the scope of work included downsizing the existing 20A breaker to a new 15A breaker in the panel. This adjustment aimed to ensure the protection of the 14-gauge wire feed to the kitchen island, aligning with safety standards and optimizing electrical performance within the household.

Moreover, the installation of a new GFI outlet under the sink for the dishwasher, along with the provision of a new appliance cord, further underscores Cornelius Electrical Contractors’ commitment to providing comprehensive and tailored solutions to meet their client’s rewiring needs.

Through meticulous planning, expert execution, and a dedication to safety and efficiency, Cornelius Electrical Contractors successfully completed the project for Brandon in Palm Bay, Florida. Their work not only addressed immediate concerns but also laid the foundation for a safer, more functional, and energy-efficient home environment. Brandon can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that his electrical system is in the hands of professionals who prioritize quality, safety, and customer satisfaction.

Brandon also left a 5 star review and nice comment:

Dwayne and Tommie did a great job, as well as the office staff, of coordinating, managing expectations, delivering in a timely manner, and performing quality work for my weather head mast and meter box replacement project

Justin and Tyler also did a good job with the water heater and kitchen island rewiring job. Little more expensive than I expected but good quality, timeliness, and courtesy.

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