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Maybe some of you got or are getting a new electric vehicle for Christmas or you upgraded from EV1 to EV2. Now what? There is a lot to know. Here are a few more questions and answers about Electric Vehicles and Charging Systems.

How to install an EV level 2 charging station?
If you have to ask – you shouldn’t! It is strongly recommended to consult a qualified electrician when selecting and installing an electric car charger. An electrician can tell you if electrical upgrades are needed, where they will be installed, if you qualify for utilities, if approvals are needed, and more. To expand your knowledge, read Article 625 of the National Electrical Code (NEC), which contains detailed requirements for installing an electric vehicle charger.

What distinguishes a home electric car charging station from another?
Features that distinguish electric car charging stations from each other are:
  • Power Design (size, weight, and aesthetics)
  • Smart electric car charging option
  • Installation Cable length and control
  • Wall plug
  • Outdoor installation
What are the benefits of “smart” electric car charging?
Smart EV charging, although not required, offers Level 2 EV owners the following benefits:
  • Control EV charging with your smartphone – monitor, predict and schedule charging
  • Informed decision-making – access to data reports
  • Cost savings – schedule charging. off-peak when energy consumption is lower
  • Two-way charging – Transferring electricity from EV battery to home
  • Useful discounts and rebates – Eligible only for homeowners with grid charger

At Cornelius Electrical Contractors we know you are going to have many more questions including costs. We do both Commercial and Residential EV Charging installation. Prices vary widely based on many factors. The good news is we also provide financing if that is your preferred option.

Until we have a chance to talk we honestly cannot give you our best advice. Give us a call or fill out our EV Contact form on this page or give us a call