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Our customers are highly satisfied with our service, as evidenced by our impressive 4.9-star rating on Google reviews, based on feedback from well over 300 customers. Allow me to share a testimonial from one of our valued clients, Jim, who recently had a backup generator installed by our team in Melbourne, FL.

I have had the pleasure to have Justin and Jacob work on two separate projects for me. They were outstanding, very respectful, and did quality work. Thank you guys and thank you Cornelius Electrical. Ashley, Dwayne, Axl and their entire organizatio

n is top notch. I would highly recommend Cornelius and will utilize them for any electrical work that I may need in the future!” – Jim Coscarella

Here is a quick synopsis of the job:

Reason for Call: To have a generator installed to power their entire home

Generator Main Panel Instruction LabelOur Solution: 1.  Connect Whole Home electrical to customer supplied portable generator.

  1. Install 50A Inlet outside to plug generator into.
  2. Install Breaker interlock in Main Panel to comply with NEC, so the utility can not be accidently back fed from the generator.
  3. Label instructions on the Panel, Main and Inlet.  So there is no confusion how to connect the generator to the home, and what circuits the generator is capable of running.

In the state of Florida, known as the sunshine state, the annual concern of tropical storms and hurricanes makes the benefits of whole-home back-up generators absolutely indispensable. The unpredictability of severe weather often results in power outages, leaving residents vulnerable to stifling heat, compromised refrigeration, and potential safety hazards. However, a whole-home portable generator serves as a lifeline during these situations, ensuring an uninterrupted power supply that keeps essential appliances running smoothly.

One of the primary advantages of these generators is the guarantee of an uninterrupted power supply. With the ability to seamlessly switch on when the main power source fails, these generators provide continuous electricity to keep air conditioning units operational, which is especially crucial in Florida’s sweltering heat. Another significant benefit is the preservation of perishable goods. Given the state’s warm climate, a loss of power can quickly lead to food spoilage. However, whole-home generators prevent this by sustaining refrigeration, safeguarding both groceries and emergency supplies.

Moreover, in Florida, where heavy rainfall and flooding are common during storms, the continuous operation of sump pumps is essential for preventing basement flooding. Whole-home portable generators ensure the functionality of these pumps, protecting homes from water damage. Additionally, the security of homes is maintained as alarm systems and outdoor lighting remain active, deterring potential intruders even in the absence of conventional power sources. In the dynamic environment of Florida’s weather, a whole-home portable generator emerges as a reliable ally, providing peace of mind and resilience in the face of unforeseen challenges.